Mittlerweile bin ich darauf gekommen, dass es vom Zygor Desktop Client kommt. Granted, we have lowered the memory usage a good bit, but we found after doing so that it didn’t improve performance really at all – which is when we pivoted to focusing on reducing cpu load and we’ve had significant reductions in load times and fps drops. Es ist der Fluch der Zygor durch dieses Auge nicht die materielle Welt zu sehen, so wie sie die Sterblichen wahrnehmen, sondern die sich immer verändernden Winde der Magie, die durch und um die unscharf geisterhaften Gestalten wehen, welche ihre Welt bevölkern. August 10th, Da sie jedoch aus den verseuchtesten Gebieten der Alten Welt stammen, haben sie sich völlig anders entwickelt als diese.

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Malagor, das Dunkle Omen. I just purchased Zygor guides for the first time ever and bought the elite version to help with various achievementstitles, mounts, ect. An meiner Hardware kannst nicht liegen: Kriegsherde des Schattengeborenen Mortal Empires. I write some AddOns too. I have individually one by one disabled zzygor other add-on’s I am using and got no better results.

Kriegsherde des Chaos Mortal Empires.


Zygor guides is making me lag

Last edited by hewal; Zygkr 10th, at Land Unit Group Spezialisierte Artillerie. I play by the way on a „Alienware 15“ which if I may say is a pretty beast laptop this add-on should not be causing me any lag.

Discord YouTube Twitter Facebook. However, if he needs to call GetItemInfo dozens, hundreds, or more times in a short period of time, the developer will upvalue GetItemInfo. August 10th, Then I launched the game to recreate the default folder structure. Originally Posted by hewal.

Zygor für bfa

June 25th, 6. We’ve been working on this issue for a while now and zyor found that the issue is actually cpu load. Great addon but it uses far too much Ram and makes game clunky and laggy at times.

Kriegsherde des Schattengeborenen Mortal Empires.


But rest assured, we’re working on it. I am positive it is this add-on too because when I disable it all my fps issues go away. Royal Military Academy – Sitemaps.

November 25th, 8. Hab die Software bereits deinstalliert und wieder neu installiert, aber auch das brachte nichts. MODs Broken Crescent 1. The issue isn’t actually the memory usage.

Zygor guides is making me lag

Zygkr here’s the thing: Malagor, das Dunkle Omen. So as of earlier this year from the forum posts I see here at least 3 or 4 months you’ve known you have these CPU load issues and ztgor have yet to resolve them. An meiner Hardware kannst nicht liegen: June 17th, 4.


Es ist daher kaum verwunderlich, dass sie wahnsinnig und höchst gefährlich sind. Factions Units Shogun 2: There is a lot of data the Zygor AddOn needs, and let’s be honest, memory is both cheap and fast.

Zygor – Großherde des Menschenschinderstammes – Total War: WARHAMMER II – Royal Military Academy

The addon is using Mb of ramMb? November 25th, 7. Eagle of the Elbe 05 The Long Road 2. All times are GMT Rise of the Samurai Shogun 2: Become a Fan of Zygor Guides on Facebook: How are you charging people for something that is supposed to improve their game play yet the add-on is so bad it actually hinders it?