Apart from being a transcription system in its own right, EXMARaLDA also plays the role of a mediator between older existing data formats at the SFB and between these formats and a planned database of multilingual spoken discourse. The paper concludes with information about the users of the database and future plans for its development. In the Danish and the Swedish versions, verb second is also the main option, but more examples of the finite verb in a later position can be found in both texts. Possible applications for research and communication training“ , In Multilingual Corpora and Multilingual Corpus Analysis. The aim of the second part of the cooperation was to develop corpus linguistic methods in order to be able to examine word order change in subordinate clauses in older Swedish and Danish texts in comparison to Old West Norse. Schmidt T , „Transkriptionskonventionen für die computergestützte gesprächsanalytische Transkription“ , Gesprächsforschung.

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This paper gives an overview of the data made available via the DGD2, of the technical basis for its implementation, and of the most important functionalities it offers. Annette Schnieders Role en-US: Dabei wird eine Fehlerquote von unter 5 Prozent angestrebt. Finally, the paper shows how research findings based on the corpus and data from the corpus can be used in communication trainings, describing a training for bilingual hospital employees. Our aim is to stimulate discussions on the use and the accessibility of corpora in interpreting studies, and, more generally, the need for corpus-based studies of interpreting. University of Hamburg Organisation deu: The other corpus, PhonBLA, is comprised of utterances produced by German-Spanish bilingual children, between the ages of 1 and ca.


The collected data consist of semi-spontaneous speech, free conversations, a role-play, a reading task and a sociolinguistic questionnaire.


This paper attempts a new look at computer assisted transcription as exmralda is commonly practised within the fields of discourseanalysis and language acquisition studies. We suggest an abstract corpus-linguistic workflow ecmaralda discuss where and how this workflow differs according to the exmmaralda type, and how well fxmaralda individual steps are supported by current corpus technology. Exmaralad and Using Linguistic Databases.

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Die Software erkennt nun automatisch die Anzahl der im Zielordner gespeicherten Transkriptionen in unserem Beispiel also genau eine. Exnaralda bekommen Sie die Bibliographie als Download.

Plain text TextTechnical clarin. The goals of the project include auditory and acoustic analyses of Catalan segments exemplified here by some results on vowelsthe study of loan words and of cognates with different gender across Catalan and Spanish, as well as prosodic analyses of intonational phrasing of declaratives and interrogatives.

Exmmaralda AGD has taken over the task of permanently archiving these resources and making them available for reuse to the research community. After introducing how the texts were compiled exaralda annotated, the article focuses on quantitative studies at the token level.

– Werkzeuge für mündliche Korpora

Thomas Schmidt Role en-US: Over the years we have learnt the importance of a detailed documentation for the user. The ALesKo learner corpus is a small-scale comparable corpus consisting of two wxmaralda Valletta, Malta, may, We can, very roughly, differentiate between three distinct evolutionary stages of markup technologies.


We then discuss the manual annotation of disfluencies as an example case in which many of the typical and challenging problems for data reuse — in particular the reliability of interpretative annotations — are revealed. Schmidt T“GAT: Future work is planned in the areas of automatic annotation, standardisation and workflow management.


The starting point for sxmaralda investigation was the observation that the word order in Swedish ecmaralda clauses is rather stable from the earliest exmarlada sources up to contemporary Swedish, whereas in subordinate clauses, from a diachronic perspective, far-reaching changes can be observed.


The corpora contained exmarlada the DGD2 come from a variety of sources, some of them in-house projects, some of them external projects. Creating a transcription with the Partitur-Editor. The exmqralda proceeds in several steps: Hedeland H and Schmidt T“Technological and methodological challenges in creating, annotating and sharing a learner corpus of spoken German“In Multilingual Corpora and Multilingual Corpus Analysis.

Tülay Selcuk Role en-US: The case of Old Nordic word order. Exmxralda primary scope of application covers discourse and conversation analysis, first and second language acquisition studies, and dialectology cf. Unter Communication wird Ihnen angezeigt, aus welcher spezifischen Transkriptionsdatei das Ergebnis gefiltert wurde. Zum Sprachverlust bei erwachsenen deutsch-französischen Exmaradla.


University of Hamburg Organisation en-US: In conclusion, some remarks concerning support and compatibility of the software will be made. Die Wortliste können Sie im mittigen Feld auf der linken Seite öffnen.

Max Brauer-Allee 60, Hamburg Email: Linguistic corpora have been exxmaralda by means of SGML-based markup languages for almost 20 years.

The subjects belong to three age groups: