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Finding Your Niche
Without question, a window seat is one of the best seats in the house. Nestled into an alcove with ample cushioning and a commanding view, you can curl up with a good book or take a nap. To best control the natural light that permeates a window seat from three sides, stick with simple pleated shades that gently filter the light and shield the eyes from direct sun. When space allows, a window seat can become a full-length single bed with storage space below. With this in mind, outfit the cushion(s) with sturdy fabric that has a soft feel. Aside from pull-out drawers below (for stashing blankets), furnish the space with bookshelves that invite you to read, relax, and reflect.

HINT: Coordinate the upholstered cushion in a window seat with wedge-shaped pillows that will support the head, neck and shoulders comfortably for hours on end. 

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