Sue helped me with virtually ever room in my house plus
oversaw the landscape design in my backyard. She created
solitude in the master suite, function and warmth in the kitchen,
a comfy home theater, and a beautifully welcoming formal
dining room and living area. She really listens. She’s a
master at helping you execute your vision.
— Maureen Shea, Wakefield

Sue Adams is a really nice person who listens to her clients.
We’ve worked with her on and off throughout the years and
found her to be flexible, easy going and accessible. We
absolutely love the design she came up with for our home.
— Ralph Sevinor, President, Designer Bath, Swampscott, Laconia

The best thing about Sue Adams is that she listens to your
likes and dislikes. She has very original ideas, is extremely
knowledgeable and has an extensive range of contacts.
She’s also fantastic with color. There really isn’t anything
Sue can’t do!
— Marni Wise, Ipswich, Squam Lake

Sue not only has tremendous taste and talent, she is
extremely respectful of your budget and belongings.
She really makes it all work and is extremely supportive.
— Christine Adams, Andover

Sue is an honest, down-to-earth designer who takes the time
to get to know her clients. We’ve known her for several years
and she has worked on a variety of projects for our home and
my husband’s office — everything from complete gutting and
renovation to shopping days to accessorize. Her awareness
of our comfort zone has been key to her success.
— Judy Rogers, Andover

We recently purchased a loft condo in Cambridge that needed
a lot of updating and had absolutely no room for storage. Sue
first helped us downsize and then reconfigure our new space,
allowing us to keep some of the old and purchase new furnishings.
She has a fabulous eye for color and is very cognizant of your
budget. She really helped us pull the whole place together.
— Peg Grange, Cambridge

Sue Adams is just terrific, a winning combination of talent,
professional and creativity. As a client, I am impressed with
her excellent work and also have great admiration for her
work in the community, her integrity and intelligence.
— Sue Tucker, State Senator, Andover

Thank you so much for the time, talent and energy that you so
generously invested in our student center expansion/renovation
project. The facility has become a campus hub — it is such a
welcoming space and students feel comfortable there. All the
many artistic touches that you brought to help make this such
an inviting space.
— John Martin Doggett, Jr.,
Former Headmaster, The Governor’s Academy, Byfield

Maureen Hartl, Wakefield

Ralph Sevinor, President, Designer Bath
Swampscott, Laconia

Marni Wise, Ipswich, Squam Lake

Christine Adams, Andover

Judy Rogers, Andover

Peg Grange, Cambridge

Sue Tucker, State Senator, Andover

John Martin Doggett, Jr.,
Former Headmaster, The Governor’s Academy, Byfield